• Details about the new single "DenDenPassion".

    Not time to make an homemade post, this article is a big copy/paste from Tokyo Girls update. But apparently there is an error, DenDenPassion will be release on may 29. And DenDen Passion will be revealed at Akasaka Blitz on 20/3.

    On the differents limited edition type C, each member will have their own artwork.


    [Track list A]

    01. DenDenPassion


    03. DenDenPassion(Off Vocal)

    04. ORANGE RIUM(Off Vocal)


    [Track list B]

    01. DenDenPassion

    02. Sensei! Tsugi ha Battle no Jikan desu.

    03. Shoujo Android A

    04. DenDenPassion(Off Vocal)

    05. Sensei! Tsugi ha Battle no Jikan desu.(Off Vocal)

    06. Shoujo Android A(Off Vocal)


    [Track list C]

    01. DenDenPassion

    02. DenDenPassion (Off Vocal)

    03. DenDenPassion(Remix)



    CD+DVD edition & Regular edition (Track list A)

    GAME edition (Track list B)

    Member edition (Track list C)

    « New single announced, it will be release on 29/5 「でんでんぱっしょん」(Denden Passion)Zepp Tokyo live DVD to release on march 30 ! »

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